Welcome to the LifeLink team Pablo Heredia Fontana

Oct 16, 2023

Pablo holds a Master’s degree in Stem Cells and Regenerative Therapies from King’s College London, and a Bachelor’s degree in Biomedical Sciences from Royal Holloway University of London. His academic journey has equipped him with a thorough understanding of the scientific, commercial, and regulatory aspects of cell therapies.

Before joining LifeLink Ventures, Pablo gained practical experience in the venture capital sector through internships at Inveready and Invivo Capital, two reputable Spanish life sciences venture capital firms. As an analyst, he was instrumental in managing deal flow, performing preliminary analysis of investment opportunities at both the scientific and commercial levels, and preparing detailed scientific reviews in specific areas of interest.

In addition to his venture capital experience, Pablo has a strong background in Alzheimer’s research. At the ACE Research Center, he served as a data analyst, investigating the correlation between protein concentrations and the clinical stage and progression of Alzheimer’s patients using R Studio. His work at ACE contributed to a journal publication that providing valuable insights.

Now at LifeLink Ventures, Pablo leverages his background and experience to contribute to our ongoing projects.