_Through LifeLink, private investors and family offices are provided with entry points to investing in the improvement of human life

The need for new therapeutic treatments and interventions is not slowing down. Some of the most debilitating disorders are projected to increase in the next decade.

We work with private investors who aim to positively impact health and biomedicine. As impact investors our partners prioretize more than returns; they want their investments to transform people’s lives with new biomedical innovations.


We source directly from our network of research hubs and academics across Europe, North America and beyond to find the most promising science and drug developers to share with our investors. We are driven by the search of start-ups which, if successful, will have a global impact on the health of patients.


We maintain selectivity through data and evidence driven due diligence processes, based on our broad in-house scientific expertise and on targeted expertise from field specific key opinion leaders. Our analysis is grounded in hard facts and high-quality data as well as the early detection of talented entrepreneurs.

Post-investment, we represent our investors and closely manage the portfolio companies with their individual interests in mind.