_Meet our ongoing investments

We wish to close the gap between private capital and exciting new investment opportunities that tackle global health challenges.
Our team is based in Barcelona, Spain, but we search for companies and work with investors across Europe and beyond.

Immunitas Therapeutics
InCephalo Therapeutics
Ochre Bio

our approach

_Through us, private investors find a doorway to investments with the power to improve lives

We believe in the deployment of capital in alignment with a powerful cause – improvement in global health. We look for urgently needed therapies developed by brilliant entrepreneurs and connect them with our network of investors.

_We believe in the innovation and science driven by big dreamers

We invest in early stage health and biotech companies and value long-lasting relationships
with their founders. When partnering with companies we understand that excellence and success require time. Therefore, we choose to develop a partnership with founders at an early point and understand their vision and DNA over time.

our team

_Francisca Peixoto

“The best part of our job is the opportunity to learn from so many inspiring minds and back their world-changing ideas.”

_Leo Figueiredo

“An entrepreneur’s company ought to be his/her life project, not simply a way to earn money. A true purpose is one of the main keys for success.”

_Ricardo Salomao

“We believe in building close relationships with entrepreneurs and companies that, through their resilience and spirit, hold the potential to transform our sector.”