InCephalo appoints Dr. Lorenz Mayr as new Chair

Apr 5, 2024

Our portfolio company InCephalo just appointed Dr. Lorenz Mayr as their new Chair.
As the new Chairman of InCephalo, Dr. Lorenz Mayr brings his incredible experience in big names such as Bayer, Novartis, AstraZeneca, and Syncona. We, here at LifeLink Ventures, can’t wait to see the progress the company will make towards brain cancer treatment.
Dr MBA Carlo Bertozzi, CEO and departing Chair of InCephalo, commented: “This is an exciting time at InCephalo, and we’re thrilled to welcome Lorenz to our team. I am personally convinced that Lorenz’s dynamic presence, strategic vision, and broad network will lead to impactful advancements, pushing us to make further progress for those suffering from brain cancer. His distinguished background in drug discovery underscores our unwavering commitment and dedication to fulfilling the needs of patients with brain cancer.
Dr Lorenz Mayr, new Chair of InCephalo, commented: “InCephalo AG is pioneering the treatment of brain cancer by the development of novel technologies to enhance the efficacy and safety of biological agents used for effective treatments in the brain. The Compartment Lock technology developed by InCephalo AG is poised to improve the lives of patients living with brain tumors and I am pleased to join the company as a Chair at such an exciting phase in its journey.”
You can see the article on LinkedIn here.